Mia-Rose 5th

Lizzie 3rd

Anya 2nd Life Lost

Tash 4th

Amy 2nd

Freya 5th

Jess 6th

Grace 4th

Evie 7th

Jade 1st

Alice 2nd

Ella-May 1st Life Lost

Meg 2nd

Ash 6th

Alex 4th

Tops of Starter Winner Jade

Tops of Inter Winner Ella-May



Evie/Tash 1st

Alice/Jade 1st

Ella-May/Jess 2nd

Ash/Grace 1st

Alex/Meg 5th



Mia-Rose 4th

Anya 3rd

Evie 1st Life Lost Now an Inter

Tash 8th

Alice 3rd

Amy 5th

Ella-May 1st

Jess 3rd

Meg 6th’