Freestyle Trophy Day

First Timers

Alice 1st

Ella H 2nd

Tasha 3rd 


Freya 1st

Mia Rose 3rd 

Lucy 2nd 

Ehren 1st Life lost!!!

Jade 2nd 

Tasha 5th 

Amy 1st 

Alice 4th

Renee 2nd 

Jess 4th 

Grace 1st

Ella W 2nd 

Molly 1st 

Ella-May 1st

Jodi 3rd 

Meg 1st

Mia 2nd 

Alex 2nd 

Thea 3rd 

Fun Pairs

Ella-May and Partner 1st 

Freya and Partner 5th 

Ash and Partner 6th 

Ehren and Partner 4th 

Amy and Partner 3rd 

Meg and Partner 4th 


Renee 2nd 

Freya 3rd 

Mia Rose 4th 

Jess 4th 

Grace 1st Life lost 

Ehren 2nd 

Jade 6th 

Amy 1st 

Alice 3rd 

Ash 2nd 

Ella W 1st 

Molly 6th 

Hannah 3rd 

Ella-May 4th 

Mia 2nd 

Jodi 4th 

Thea 3rd 

Alex 1st 


Renee/Mia Rose 5th 

Lucy/Freya 5th 

Jodi/Jess 2nd 

Ella H/Tasha 2nd 

Amy/Amber 2nd 

Jade/Molly 3rd 

Ehren/Alice 4th 

Mia/Ella-May 2nd 

Ella W /Meg 1st 

Ash/Grace 2nd 

Alex/Thea 1st 

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